Welcome our new Intern Nicole Swords from Florida

At Memocorby we like to host interns from all over the world as we appreciate their diverse backgrounds. Each semester we facilitate an internship through our partnership with the educational institution, IES Abroad: Vienna European Society and Culture. This collaboration helps us spread awareness about stroke rehabilitation methods and gain insight about the international health market.

Meet our new Intern Nicole Swords from Boca Raton, Florida. She is currently a junior at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is majoring in Marketing and Art History. When she is outside of the classroom Nicole spends her time organizing events and concerts with the Student Programming Council and is an active member of the Epsilon Epsilon chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Nicole likes to explore all kinds of interesting shops Vienna has to offer.

In addition to the allure of the IES Abroad academic program, she choose Vienna because of its rich culture and arts scene, beautiful nature and its central location to travel all over Europe. In her free time she enjoys exploring the different districts of Vienna, going to art exhibits, hiking and searching for the best apple strudel in Vienna.

While studying abroad Nicole plans to take full advantage of everything IES Abroad and the city of Vienna has to offer. She applied to be an intern at Memocorby to gain a broader knowledge of marketing in an international context. Nicole believes that – although students learn valuable lessons in the classroom – the best way to gain insight in a particular field is to be hands on in it. She is particularly interested in the med-tech sector and the pharmaceutical industry as well as how marketing differs between Europe and America.

Nicole first became interested in the health market over the summer while interning at Avivi Marketing, a multi-solution marketing firm in her hometown. There she worked on developing cases for pharmaceutical brands and helped them with brand positioning, evaluating feedback and executing communication ideas. At Memocorby she can build on her experience gained in the field of pharmaceuticals.

“Coming from America, one of the things I admire in Austria and other European countries is their commitment to healthcare. It’s hard to obtain the care and services a patient needs in the United States without inflated healthcare costs.” She continues, “When patients are able to receive the help they need, it’s often only for limited time depending on their insurance coverage. They might be able to get a rehab facility covered by insurance, but once their stint is done, it’s uncertain what other remedies are disposable to stroke patients because of multiple factors.”

Nicoles favorite desert: apple strudel

Although European countries have a variety of insurance coverages for stroke patients, they still face the same challenges as American stroke patients since their road to recovery can be a long and expensive one. Nicole adds, “The ability for a patient to continue nursing themselves back to health outside of a rehabilitation center is a game changer. The innovative speech therapy tools from Memocorby allows for a stroke patient’s caretaker to nurse them back to health at the comfort of their home.” Memocorby’s multi-sensory speech therapy tool enables patients to relearn speech by seeing, hearing, and grabbing the language. Multiple neuro-scientific studies show that the combination of Memocorby’s cubes, app and tablet is the most sustainable and efficient way to re-learn language.

Look forward to future posts from our intern Nicole as she assists the Memocorby team for the remainder of the semester. A warm Welcome to Nicole!