Meet our new student intern Max Johnson from University of Puget Sound, USA.

We are very happy to welcome our new intern, Max Johnson, from the US. To get to know him better we asked him to tell us more about himself. Max studies Business Administration at University of Puget Sound, in Washington, and joined the international IES Program, where students spend a semester abroad to experience different cultures. IES students also have to work as interns at local enterprises.

Memocorby: Why did you choose to study Business in Vienna?

Max: Traveling to different parts of our world is something that has always interested me. I found the perfect fit for my interests and my curiosity here in Vienna. I wanted a place to study business in a more international manner and the IES Program here fulfilled my requirements. I also wanted to experience something distinctly different. Something founded in old traditions and built around old buildings, yet still new and refreshing. Vienna was this place. So far, it hasn’t disappointed! The ability to travel throughout Europe from such a central location, as well as the opportunity to learn and experience such a vibrant culture, is something only Vienna can offer.

Memocorby: How do you like it so far?

Max: In the one month I have been here, I have been able to travel to places like Amsterdam and Prague, while still finding the time to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee in one of the many distinctly Viennese coffee shops around town. Throughout this experience, I am constantly learning new things about how different people interact. This knowledge will help me become a more well rounded person no matter where I am living. The beginning of my stay here in Vienna has been filled with new experiences and new ideas. I can’t wait to see what my next few months here will have to offer.

Memocorby: Why did you choose to apply for an internship at Memocorby?

Max: The opportunity to work at Memocorby, as I explore this new world, is another aspect of everyday life that makes my semester extremely exciting. Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to help people. Back home in California, my interests lie in reducing the endless number of homeless encampments I see every day. This type of economic inequality, that places like Vienna do so well of avoiding, is a part of society I would love to amend. Just as homelessness is a fixable issue, so are many of the speech complications that occur after an individual has had a stroke or been diagnosed with dementia. The ability to be able to work firsthand with individuals who are making re-learning language easier is something I am extremely excited to be a part of. The opportunity to create a device that engages multiple senses to facilitate the learning process for these individuals sounds like a new and, for some, completely life altering idea. This opportunity at Memocorby provides me with a different way to affect change in people that may not get the help otherwise. All the while, I can learn firsthand about how businesses work and understand better the individual steps that go along with forming a successful company.  Memocorby, just as Vienna is, is a one of a kind opportunity I cannot wait to engage in.

Memocorby: Welcome at Memocorby! We are happy to have you in our team.