The picture shows Gerlinde Ink, who is a speech pathologist in Vienna.

Speech pathologist Gerlinde Ink, Vienna

We welcome Gerlinde Ink as Memocorby testimonial. She is a leading expert in her professional field and one of the first speech pathologists in Vienna who use Memocorby in speech therapy.

That’s what she says about Memocorby:

As speech pathologist and clinical linguist Gerlinde Ink has many years of international experience in working with children who are multi-lingual and children with special needs as well as adults with aphasia.

“I use Memocorby in speech therapy especially with children with special needs. It offers simultaneously visual, auditive and tactile-kinetic learning stimuli. While it is fun to use it encourages and motivates children to learn. Memocorby is also helpful for speech therapy with patients with aphasia and patients with early signs of dementia.”

Gerlinde Ink MSc, Speech Pathologist/Clinical Linguist

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Therapy languages are English and German.