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Speak. Memorise. Communicate. Neuro-scientific studies show that adults as well as children learn especially well when their brain is simultanously stimulated by haptic, visual and auditory stimuli. The better when you make it easy and fun to work with the therapy tool and add repetition as well as positive emotions. That’s what we had in mind when we developed our Memocorby cubes and the therapy activities. You can use them anywhere – also at home!

The video is only available in German.

What is Memocorby?

Memocorby is an innovative, multi-sensory learning tool for speech therapy that enables people to see, hear and grab language. According to neuro-scientific studies this is the best and most sustainable way to learn language. Memocorby consists of 5 – 10 cubes, a tablet and an app for language therapy activities. In the spirit of Maria Montessori, Memocorby encourages patients to re-learn language by giving them a speech therapy tool they can use independently.

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Memocorby stands for a learning system for stroke patients with aphasia and people who suffer from dementia that is hands-on, activates the brain and is easy and fun to use — no matter where you live and how old you are. After a stroke you can start Memocorby speech therapy with a speech therapist or pathologist already in hospital. The cubes are easy to grab and hold, and the activities can start at the level of a phoneme or even include musical intonation therapy (MIT).

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Today about 80 % of patients stop speech therapy after they leave rehabilitation because it is difficult to find a therapist nearby and they need a family member who helps them to get there. Now, with Memocorby it is easy to keep on training on a daily basis as the therapist can assist the patient remotely. Memocorby gives the therapist and pathologists a complete logging of all training sessions (medical or private). Moreover Memocorby provides an overview of the patient’s learning progress by just one click.

Memocorby Team



CEO & Co-Founder

Elisabeth holds a Master’s Degree in English and History and a PhD in History from the University of Vienna and has been a teacher for over 20 years in the UK/Austria and USA. Currently, she is a university lecturer at the University of Teacher Education in Vienna. Furthermore, she is an author, linguist and specialist in neuroscience and language learning. She also holds a degree in graphic design and feeds the team with neuro-linguistic data. To advance speech therapy to help people re-learn language is of upmost importance to Elisabeth.



CTO & Co-Founder

After receiving a Master’s Degree in Communication Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology, Nikolaus joined the Institute of Industrial Electronics and then to the ASIC design division, managing numerous R&D projects. His research activities centered on distributed embedded system. In 2000 he was appointed CTO of IPO Management AG. In 2001 he co-founded Oregano Systems Design & Consulting Ltd. and supports Memocorby System with his technical know-how as a co-founder.

Barbara Piplits-Schneider


Marketing & Communication

Barbara has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Vienna. She has worked as an analyst for a scientific institute in Vienna held different positions in Seoul, Hong Kong and the US. Professionally she focused on Communication, Branding and Marketing as well as Social Media in the high-end B2B and B2C sector. At Memocorby she is responsible for Communication and Marketing. The advancement of stroke therapy to help patients communicate is especially dear to her heart.

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