Multi-sensory learning tools for the speech pathologist

We learn language most efficiently and sustainably when we are exposed to as many learning stimuli as possible, especially haptic, visual, auditive and emotional stimuli. Therefore, we developed Memocorby as a multi-sensory tool to re-learn language - for stroke or CCI patients and people who suffer from dementia as well as for children and adults with speech or language problems.

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Video in German.

Video in German.

Memocorby Products

One of the best speech therapy activities and games
Memocorby Premium Set

Our Premium Set consists of 10 digital Memocorby cubes with display, a tablet*, the Memocorby-App and 2 inductive charging stations. Furthermore, it also includes a standard vocabulary set with about 2000 spoken words, the audio files and over 1000 illustrations and photos for therapy activities. The App also offers individual therapy planning, easy patient administration and statistics.

Available in 2020.


One of the best speech therapy activities and games
Memocorby Starter Set MED and PRO

The Memocorby Starter Set MED and PRO consist of 5 digital Memocorby cubes with display, a tablet*, the Memocorby-App and an inductive charging station. It also includes the standard vocabulary and illustrations and photos. Both, the MED and PRO Set, provide for an unlimited number of patients and therapy planning, patient administration and statistics. MED is designed for in-patient use especially for clinics and rehabilitation centres, as it also provides access for several speech pathologists.

The condensed and competitively priced Starter Sets are perfect for standard therapy applications yet still allows for a high degree of individualisation. It can be upgraded anytime with additional cubes for advanced therapy applications, so you don't miss out on options.

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One of the best speech therapy activities and games
Memocorby Extension Set - Cubes

The Cubes Extension Set includes 5 digital Memocorby cubes with display to use with the Memocorby Starter Set as you can use up to 10 cubes at the same time. With the additional cubes you can work on therapy activities that need more cubes at the same time, as, for example, in sentence construction or finding pairs-activities.

Available in 2020


One of the best speech therapy activities and games
Additional Languages

Different languages will be available in 2020, so patients can receive therapy in their first language even if the therapist is not fluent. Especially suitable for multi-lingual children.

Available in 2020


One of the best speech therapy activities and games
Additional Pictures & Words

Our standard vocabulary was researched through many interviews with therapists. Nevertheless, we are aware that every patient is different and might need an additional set of words and illustrations. If you need special words please contact us directly - even a selection of personal words and illustrations is available!

Availability: 2020


One of the best speech therapy activities and games
Multi-User License

The Memocorby Multi-User License for hospitals, rehabilitation and therapy centers for up to 4 therapists. Separate back-end administration for each therapist.

Availability: 2020


How Memocorby works

Memocorby – the multi-sensory therapy tool to re-learn language

Re-learning language with Memocorby is based on linguistic, didactic and neuro-scientific research findings that say that we learn most efficiently and sustainably when our brain is exposed to simultaneous, multi-sensory stimuli (visual, auditiv, haptic and emotional stimuli). It means that we learn best when we are able to see, hear and grab the word - all at the same time.

Depending on the individual situation of the patient the therapist chooses specific activities out of more than 200 validated therapy activities, phrases, individual words or phonemes. The therapist than sends these individualised activities to the patient's account. They can now either work together during a therapy session or the patient does the activities independently. If the patient chooses the latter he/she is still monitored as the therapists sees what the patient has done.

With Memocorby the patient sees the therapy instructions on the tablet and the cubes (visual and auditory stimuli). He/she has than to lift the appropriate cube (haptic stimulus). While lifting the correct cube the patient hears the word pronounced correctly and has to repeat the word.

The Memocorby vocabulary consists of the basic vocabulary, the matching audio files, around 400 illustrations and over 700 photos, which can be incorporated into the individual therapies and displayed on the cubes. The big advantage of the Memocorby system is that the patient can train more often than once a day or once a week with his/her therapist, even a couple of times a day. Most importantly, it encourages and empowers the patient to take responsibility of his/her own recovery.


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Memocorby Cubes

Haptic language learning is made possible through the use of the digital cubes as the patient has to grab and lift them - thus stimulating the respective brain region. The cubes have a coloured display on which words or pictures are rendered. They communicate via the app with the tablet on which the patient sees the instructions. Up to 10 digital cubes with display for text or illustrations with

  • NFC technology
  • haptic, visual and auditive feedback
  • LCD colour display
  • LED technology.
  • splash water protected

speech therapy activities and games app


Patient gets audio and text instructions for the different activities and therapies via app/tablet. He/she has than to choose and lift the correct cube to hear and see the word on the display. The multi-sensory stimulus of the haptic movement combined with the visual and auditive stimulus proves so efficient for sustainable learning. There are over 200 validated activities pre-installed.

  • Memocorby-App is pre-installed on tablet
  • Easy patient instructions
  • Over 200 validated didactic activities for speech therapies
  • Easy individualization of therapies through therapist
  • Easy patient administration for therapist
  • Save patient data storage
  • Easy analysis of learning progress
  • Easy change of language for patients with different mother tongues
  • Easy to use at home

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